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About Us

We at Invoice Home are proud to present to you our easy online invoicing service. With the e-commerce industry being the thing of today, as it has been for the past decade, electronic invoicing has become an integral part of every online enterprise system. But without much emphasis established and with such a beneficial fractioning overlooked due to its added cost, we have come up with the right solution -- free invoice templates and an overall free invoice issuing system.    

Invoicing Made Easy.Period.

The process is is very simple. As a matter of fact, it tends to be a no-brainer kind of thing. You don’t need to read any manual. Not to mention, we actually don’t have one. We simply provide you with self-explanatory images and clear cut instructive materials that are for immediate use. Simply put, all you have to do is come check out what we actually have to offer, pick your choice of invoice template, fill up the necessary details, and that’s as far as the explanation goes for the reason you’d be learning the process yourself with fast and easy steps to follow. 

Our determining principle, we go by experience and we have made our services easy going by what our experiences would tell. For starters, you don’t need to spend anything at all. So, we hope you find our e-invoicing solutions well enough to take the experience to the next level of ease and painlessness with Invoice Home. 

Four Awesome Benefits of Electronic Invoicing

Does electronic invoicing really benefit small businesses? Of course, but how, or more to the point, what exactly would these benefits be? You may have noticed that a bunch load of businesses are actually compelled into revolutionizing the entirety of their invoicing process. Perhaps it’s one of the most overrated things these days that you should as well should consider.

To she some light, here’s a quick list of some real benefits e-invoicing confers: 

1. Reduced Days-Sales Outstanding


One of the most redoubtable beauties of e-invoicing is that businesses are able to receive their money much fast from their customers. The invoices don’t have to be left suspended in the post; they go directly to the buying company or individual’s e-mail account. The e-mail will either contain the payment instruction or even a link to just pay online. It could even be both, you know, for the convenience of having options. Lots of businesses have already reported a drastic fall on DSO after having applied the e-invoice functionality.


2. Lower Printing and Postage Expenses


Needless to say, sending stuff via e-mail are truly cost-free. As such, you get to save the money you usually spend on actual printing, buying envelopes and paying postal services. All these extinguished at your own benefit.


3. Reduced Time Delays for Copy Invoices


It’s a common thing for customers to claim that the invoices have not arrived yet, so they would seek for another copy. And they wouldn’t even say a thing if not because of a follow-up call. Sometimes it’s true and sometimes it’s just an excuse. Either way, businesses have to be more tolerant in issuing yet another set of invoice copies just to make sure. With e-invoicing, you know the drill; when they ask, you give them copies right away. You could even send them a print screen image to their phone as evidence that you have indeed fulfilled your responsibility and that it’s time for them, by all means, to do their end of the deal.


4. Swift Resolution of Disputes


Qualms are inevitable. Your customers might ask why the bill is such and question things on how the amount for them to pay came up to be. Well, it’s your job or someone in your accounting department’s job to resolve billing issues. At least it becomes less tedious with the whole thing just settled via e-mail. 

And for faster invoicing without any cost or delays, come check out our free invoice templates at